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English - ABP, a unique company in the world…

" Craftsman of the leather, the machine to go back up the time, the zoo or the travel agency ", to describe Atelier du Bracelet Parisien is a little all this at the same moment. Above all, we are a craft company (certified Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant : Company of the Alive Heritage) because our products are entirely realized in our Parisian workshop boutique. Then, we shall propose you an extraordinary choice of leathers, tannings, colors, forms and thicknesses. Our reputation, our interest and even our reason for being, is good this rare, unique character to the world in the saddler leather craft.

Our vocation is to propose to our customers all which turns around the watchstraps, around the watchmaker's shop (revisions, repairs, new watches and second hand watches), and some leather goods (bracelets watches, belts, small leather craft, bags, belts, skins and more).
ABP, a unique company to the world.

English - ABP, a unique company in the world…
Atelier du Bracelet  Parisien is at first a team, a family on two generations. Jean-Claude PERRIN, world-famous in the universe of the wristwatch because he had participated in development and in the creation of both top factories of bracelets-watches the most important of the industry (that supply most of the prestigious brands of Swiss watchmaker's shop today): CAMILLE FOURNET and CREATIONS JEAN-CLAUDE PERRIN.
Indeed, Jean-Claude PERRIN marries in 1966 Régine FOURNET (niece of the founder of Camille Fournet brand), and both leave their native Champagne region to settle down in Paris to join the family company where Jean-Claude will become the Manager. Afterward, the couple leaves CAMILLE FOURNET to launch their own CREATIONS JEAN-CLAUDE PERRIN company, which has been sold to an industrial group two decades later.
Jean-Claude PERRIN, after having experience in the industrial production of luxury watchstraps, decides then to dedicate himself to his passion, the home-made wristwatch. He turns then exclusively to the private individual by creating in 1997 at the 7 rue Saint Hyacinthe in the  1st district of Paris a small workshop boutique of 50 square meters with an extraordinary concept because, unique in the world: the amateurs and enthusiasts about  watchmaker's shop can come to compose their bracelet among fifty different leathers and tannings, some hundreds of colors, and especially by choosing exactly the place in the skin which will be used to realize their bracelet.
The concept is successfull, but strong of its experience, Jean-Claude PERRIN refuses to fall again into the trap of the industrial production which hijacked him from the passion for the benefit of the management and of the administrative. Then, he surrounds himself successively with his wife Régine, with their son Yann, with his brother in law Dominique, and with a reduced team of craftsmen.

English - ABP, a unique company in the world…
A few years later, the company, always, and determinedly human-sized ( 14 persons), moved of 150 meters for a bigger workshop boutique (where you can see craftsmen working there) located 28 Place du Marché Saint Honoré in the 1st district of Paris and proposes you the following services:

- Bracelets watches in stocks and to measure.
- New and second-hand watches.
- Engravings, polishing, repairs and watch-making revisions.
- Leather  store (small craft, belts, bags) in stock or to measure.
- Diverse accessories.
But the real added value of the ABP is its unique customizations offer in the world proposed to you:

- More than fifty species of animals and materials: alligator, python, ostrich, calf, anaconda, Nil perch and shagreen are only some examples.
- Hundreds of colors and finishes.
- Tens of types of bracelets, the most classic to the most technical with inserts, realized in your measures, in the millimeter near.
- About ten thicknesses possible.
- More than 600 colors of thread, types and thicknesses of sewing.
- Tip shapes, edges, keepers, holes sports, American plates, wristbands, double and triple tours, drilling of custom-made holes (vs a row of holes as it is the case in the industry which makes mass bracelets) are so many elements of customization that will make of your ABP watchstrap a unique item in the world.



56, Place du Marché Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

Tél : 01 47 03 49 71


Email : info@abpparis.com


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Atelier du Bracelet Parisien

56, place du Marché Saint Honoré
75001 Paris

01 47 03 49 71info@abpparis.com

L'atelier du bracelet parisien est une entreprise d'artisanat labellisée Patrimoine vivant par l'état français.

Bracelets de montre sur mesure, ceintures, petite maroquinerie, montres neuves et d'occasion constituent notre coeur de métier.